Dorothy Hyman athletics track in Barnsley

Dorothy Hyman was a legendary sprinter in the 60’s medalling at two Olympic games and receiving Gold at European Championships and Commonwealth games.

It was great to be a part of resurfacing works at the Dorothy Hyman athletics track in Barnsley and to see its transformation.

The track had suffered with some ground movement on bend number three due to its location close to the embankment but Charles Lawrence and the Malcolms civil team rectified the issue and made good to allow a full depth replacement of approximately 300sqm.

The track was then cleaned, ground around the curb edges to offer a good key for the flood coat, the primer was applied prior to receiving the self-levelling flood coat and broadcast EPDM granules. 

As always, expert application from Specialist Sports Surfaces and high quality precision line marking from Tracktech International (U.K).

Herculan SR Sprint Re-topping – 6276sqm of self-levelling flood coat broadcast with quality EPDM.