Working together to reduce CO2

Sustainability - Product

Long lifespan

Our flooring systems have an extremely long lifespan, which spreads the environmental impact over a significant period. Even when our floors have reached the end of their lifespan, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the floor. How does this work, and why are our floors much more sustainable than other types of flooring?

  • We use premium raw materials.
  • Through in-house development, we have full control over the composition and, therefore, the durability.
  • Three characteristics determine the lifespan, and we pay great attention to them: wear resistance, lightfastness, and resistance to dirt.
  • If the end of our floors’ lifespan is reached or if they no longer meet your requirements, they can be renewed through a process called re-topping, making them as good as new and starting the entire life cycle again.

Safe for use

During our production process, we minimize the emission of hazardous substances, and also our products have very low emission levels both during installation and after use. External testing supports this, making our products highly safe for use.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

To gain insight into the environmental impact of our flooring systems, we have started conducting LCAs for our most sold floors. Not only does this provide us with visibility into the impact, but also highlights the phases of the life cycle that have the most significant impact. This way, we can systematically assess and decide how to further reduce our environmental impact.

Environmentally conscious

All our products have been developed to be as environmentally conscious as possible. This means that our products comply with regulations and standards regarding raw materials, emissions, and the environment. Our products are certified by Global GreenTag as Eco-Preferred products.