Working together to reduce CO2

Sustainability - Development

Renewable raw materials

To make our products as sustainable as possible, we strive to use renewable resources whenever feasible. Our products contain a minimum of 65% of these resources.
The main component of our best-selling poured floors is a natural oil extracted from the castor oil plant, also known as the wonder tree. This fast-growing plant produces seeds from which castor oil is derived. Unlike fossil oils, this plant can be sown and harvested repeatedly, making it a renewable resource. Unlike fossil oils, no depletion of the earth’s resources occurs, resulting in reduced environmental impact.

Natural resources

We endeavor to utilize natural resources as much as possible. While they are extracted from the earth, these resources are 100% natural, without any artificial processing, making them safe for use.

Recycled materials

To further reduce environmental impact, we explore opportunities to obtain these natural resources from recycled materials or residual streams of other production processes. This way, we preserve the natural and safe characteristics while minimizing our impact on the earth. In a significant part of our systems, we also utilize recycled car tires. These tires are granulated into the desired size and then incorporated by us into cushioning underlayers for indoor and outdoor sports. We also use this material in one of our underlayers for the shipping industry. This granulate, also known as SBR, is applied up to 85% in these underlayers.


Our products do not contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) or substances listed as prohibited on the REACH list. If regulations change and this list is supplemented with additional substances, we proactively develop our products in our own laboratory to stay ahead of regulations and keep our products safe.