Working together to reduce CO2

Sustainability - Life cycle


At the end of their life cycle, our floors can still be effectively reused. This can be achieved by utilizing their flatness to apply a new floor on top or by leveraging the residual properties of the floor to construct a more cost-effective system than installing an entirely new one. For possibilities, please visit our website:


Damage to our floors can be easily and locally repaired, significantly extending the lifespan of our floors.

Recycling of our indoor sports floors

All good things must come to an end, including the lifespan of our sports floors. Or do they not? With our Full Circle system, we have ensured that our sports floors get a second life! They are 100% recycled, allowing us to reduce the amount of new raw materials and contribute to circularity. We continuously develop the processes surrounding Full Circle to maximize our contribution to reducing the environmental impact of our sports floors.