Working together to reduce CO2

Sustainability - Production


Our production process is aimed at creating as little waste as possible. Our goal is to stay below 0.5%. How do we achieve this?

  • A well-balanced recipe for our products.
  • Multiple checkpoints throughout the production process.
  • Our in-house laboratory minimizes the chance of irreversible errors.
  • Efficient use of mixing tanks and cleaning agents.
  • Potential reuse of residual materials.


The energy we use for developing and manufacturing our materials is generated 100% from wind power. The contract we have with our energy supplier is accompanied by a certificate to support this.
For the near future, an investment in solar panels is on the agenda. This way, we will be able to generate all the required energy ourselves.


To save as much time and energy as possible, our production process is designed to operate as efficiently as possible. Our dynamic scheduling enables us to achieve this, along with the flexibility of our production process.


As packaging material for our products, we strive to use metal cans and drums as much as possible. These cans and drums are already made mostly from recycled metal, and after being used to store our products, they can be recycled again.