Seamless floors for every budget

About Herculan

Herculan develops, produces, sells and installs seamless floors for various application areas such as indoor sports, outdoor sports, non-residential construction and shipping. With about 30 years of experience and +/- 90 skilled employees, we can guarantee to deliver the floor you want.

Our offer is fully tailored to your wishes and needs. We do this by always starting the conversation personally. As a result, we know you and your wishes, needs and expectations.

Development and production take place in our own laboratory and in our factory at our location in Meerkerk. Fast and easy switching is therefore not unknown to us. We continuously invest in our people, materials, techniques and means of production. Why? So that we can continue to guarantee professional advice and the installation of our top products. We do this according to clear agreements, so that all parties know where they stand.

Herculan and environment

Our goal: to keep Herculan’s ecological footprint as small as possible. A difficult task, but we do not shy away from a challenge. That is why we use environmentally friendly materials and sustainable raw materials as much as possible. We also limit the amount of waste by recycling. The example? Our circular, Full Circle sports floors.

Herculan's core values

Herculan strives to create long-term relationships, honest cooperation with our suppliers, customers and employees. In addition, we strive to deliver high-quality products, to continuously improve our processes and to have production carried out by the best professionals in the industry. Finally, we think it is important to deliver what we have promised, our service is fully geared to this. Ultimately, this can be summarized by the three core values that Herculan stands for: Reliability, Quality and Service. Because we develop, produce, sell and largely install all our products ourselves, we are able to propagate these values throughout the entire development process of our products. This is the advantage of : “Everything under one roof”.

There was no money, only enthusiasm, confidence in the future and the will to succeed

Herculan started in 1991 under the name Eputan Kunststoftechniek BV. Five enthusiastic men had decided to set up Eputan. There was no money, only enthusiasm, confidence in the future and the will to succeed. Producing materials one day and laying floors the next. Everything on our own, but with the help of friends and family, because without them we would not have survived this pioneering phase.
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