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So we think it's important to know how you, as a customer, think about us. This allows us to improve our quality where necessary. Would you be so kind to indicate to what extent you are satisfied, or agree with the statements below. One star means that you disagree, five stars means that you totally agree.

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    1. The sales team member I want to speak is easy to reach. 1 2. The sales team member is friendly and respectful. 1 3. The sales team member has a problem-solving attitude. 1 4. Herculan is clear in their communication with us. 1 5. The quality of Herculan products and services is. 1 6. The price/quality ratio of Herculan’s products is. 1 7. The feedback to problems or issues is adequate. 1 8. The products are delivered on time. 1 9. Would you recommend Herculan to others business relations? 1 Your answers and feedback will be handled according our Herculan GDPR protocol.