Unique in its class: The Herculan MF Blue ML

We proudly present to you the Herculan MF BLUE ML

The very first point-elastic sports floor in NOC*NSF Class 1!  With an installation height of just 15mm, it is suitable for both new buildings and renovations. The Herculan Blue series is a range of sustainable, environmentally friendly, point-elastic sports floors, which consists of a 100% recycled underlay with ecologically sound components. The Herculan MF Blue ML sports floor is the latest addition to the range comprising the certified Blue 28, 33 and 38, with which the market is already familiar. A balanced system developed in the area of strength and flexibility with an excellent blend of technical characteristics in relation to sport. A sports floor on which each individual sportsperson should feel sufficiently at home to achieve a high level of performance in a safe and responsible manner.


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